distancing day 82 thoughts:

1. One of my character flaws is optimism that I’m going to use the other half of the onion before it turns to green chunky onion water somewhere in the depths of my overfull fridge. I cannot tell you how many onions I put in the fridge and think “I’ll use that tomorrow” and then never do because- it’s me- and I forget.

2. It was a hot one today (and will be for at least a week), so I broke out the water slide. Last time, Winnie was slightly interested. This time? Winnie was fully invested and romping around- running up and down the slide- sliding down the slide- rolling around in the water and just, generally, living her very best life. The kids had a few hours of fun too and I got to go on a 4 mile walk with my friend while her son babysat. Extra bonus: his mom asked him and he agreed to be paid in candy and sprite. I’m going to work out a deal with him sometime this week for real money because an hour walk was the best thing I can do for my mental health.

3. WiWi is feeling MUCH better but today she got diarrhea and cried a few times when she needed to poop. I did give her new treats recently, so I’m gonna give it a day before I go screeching full 5-alarm fire into the vet’s office. Bless this baby and bless pet insurance. I got the biggest deductible they offered and I’ve almost hit it. The baby is a lemon, but goodness gracious I love her big sour self. Also of positive news on the Winnie front, she let me cut all her nails again today and didn’t try to eat my face, growl, OR even snarl at me. After her drawing blood on Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised and she was rewarded handsomely with turkey that probably caused her diarrhea. Ah. The circle of life.

4. I started taking Duolingo Spanish lessons because it’s coronatine and why not? Jack is hitting the French (not like the Quasi-War hit) and Clara is learning German. Y’all better watch out because we are gonna be able to ask where the bathrooms are and tell you that your cat is cute in 3 different languages in 3-6 months.

5. I went on cleaning strike Tuesday and Wednesday and my house was getting dangerously close to needing a TLC show. The kids got it all tidy and the dishes out of the dishwasher and I just finished cleaning the kitchen and swept. While I was cleaning and sweeping wouldn’t cha know what was going on in the front room… wait for it…

If you ever come to my house and it’s disgusting, this is why. Every few weeks there is a window where I just give up hope and do things like scroll through TikTok instead of bothering with cleaning. Yes, they cleaned it up. That’s not the point. If you spend time cleaning and then walk 20 feet and see THAT it’s very discouraging. I’d rather my kids play and make messes than anything else. Ok, play and not make messes is ideal but also not likely. So every once in a while I take a day or two off. Right now, they’re downstairs doing a singing competition and Marian made one of those over the ear microphones out of a hair tie, paper, and tape.


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