distancing day 83 thoughts:

1. Ra on a motorboat. Ike on a bike. Winnie was back at the vet today. We had to drop her off this morning for the doctor to see her between surgeries because she started yelping when she tried to poop. At 1230 they hadn’t called yet, so I gave them a ringy ding ding to check on her. I asked the gal what was going on with Winnie and she responded back quick as a whip “oh she’s in surgery. The Dr will call you as soon as she is out.” Record scratch! Wh wha what did you just say to me!?!? I tried to remain calm but my octave went full Mariah Carey as I eeeked out “nobody told me! It must have been an emergency!!! Can you tell me why?!?” and then the gal realized that there were 2 Winnies and Winnie the Drew was NOT in surgery but instead firing off mustard gas all over her cage in the holding tank. If you’re ever thinking about naming your dog a common dog name, I recommend maybe don’t. 2 hours later they called me back to let me know Winnie has *SURPRISE* another bacterial infection. I feel like I need a punch card at the vet and another punch card for antibiotics. She also now needs prescription medicine thats $4 a meal. But, alright. What’s $12 a day feeding a dog? Yes, we adore ramen soup. Why do you ask? At least I know she likes the gilded chicken from a can because she gobbled it down like it was about to run away. I would really just like 1 week without a trip to the vet at this point. Just one. Another plus is that nobody told me that she tried to rip their arm off today. Then again, I also didn’t ask. I’m seriously considering changing her name to Lemon. I’m almost positive no other dogs will be at the vet at the same time with the name Lemon and, well, she is one.

2. My mom sent Clara’s First Communion dress and it arrived today. I’m not going to post any pictures of it until the big reveal but sweet Clara cried. It was exactly what she wanted and it so extra special that ma’am made it for her. I don’t know when First Communion will be rescheduled for but I know Clara will be beaming when it’s her turn. Our Church is back open with limited seating, so I would think they’d reschedule it for soonish. The caveat is that we still need to wear masks in the Church. The Lord works in mysterious ways and He could do it if He wanted but I’m not so sure about the logistics of eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ through a face covering. Seems like a waste of a useful miracle. Not sure if He has a quota though.

3. Jerry and I have both been suffering from middle of the night wake-up insomnia. I get up every night to let the dog out. He gets up to put the cat out in the hall. Moscow is the best cuddler until about 2 or 3 and then he’s knocking stuff off horizontal surfaces, meowing, and sticking his business end on our faces. Jerry loves that curmudgeonly little turd so he lets him stay every night until the midnight reign of terror. Normally he doesn’t have any problems getting back to sleep. It always takes me a few minutes. The last couple nights we were in a huffing and puffing competition so fierce the Olympic committee should seriously consider adding it. It couldn’t be any dumber than curling and what’s the difference between wearing flannel and sleeping on flannel sheets? JK. JK. JK. I’d overheat and die if I ever slept on flannel sheets.

4. This was Jerry’s first full week back at work since March 13. Between the flat tire, 2 vet visits, and fence scaling snake- it could have been a real doozy. I actually found it rather enjoyable. I love hanging with these kids and I only had to tell Laurel one time to go find somebody else to yell at.


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