distancing day 84 thoughts:

I am not sure I can number things today because that requires braining and braining is hard especially when you’ve gotten no sleep.

So. Last night, I fell asleep about 920 and Jerry woke me up at 940 saying that the dog was whining. She does that time to time- especially with the chronic UTI. NBD. I went downstairs and took her out… only she didn’t need to pee. She needed to poop, but she couldn’t. She was yelping and clearly in pain, but nothing was happening. She stopped trying and seemed like she was ready to go back to bed. I took her back in. Rinse, repeat with the crying/whining every 10 minutes or so until about midnight. At midnight I gave up and just sat outside with her while she slept/tried to go/slept. At one point I went and wiped her (TMI ALERT-SCROLL DOWN) and her bottom was bleeding. The blood was pink/red not dark red so I knew it was from the surface. Banfield has vets on call 24/7 so I chatted with one and they put my mind at ease. She said that her colon was probably still irritated which made her feel like she needed to go but she couldn’t go- by pushing so hard she was popping blood vessels. Needless to say, I did not sleep. I just fretted about her endlessly. I finally fell asleep out of sheer exhaustion around 4 but Mari woke me up at 5. When Jerry came down around 8, I went upstairs to bed. I slept until 1 only waking up a few times to check on Winnie via text through Jerry. WiWi slept until 11 herself. Everything seems to be leveling out today in the backend area today and she ate and played and I think she’s feeling more normal. I’m still a little angsty about putting her in her crate tonight. I’m pooped. I can’t do another night of no sleep. We have GOT to figure out why she has one bacterial infection after the other over and over and over.

I asked the kids how they were liking vegan eating at dinner. Acceptable answers were: it’s been super yummy. I have liked it! We’ve had great new meals. Cool, ma. Nope. Here’s what I got: “Could be better” and “I’ve never been so hungry between meals” Okie dokie. This week I will work on making meals with more protein.

We are watching A League of Their Own and it’s just as good as I remembered.

I just want to hike.


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