distancing day 86 thoughts:

1. I just feel like I need to tell someone this. I folded a fitted sheet for the first time in my adult life today and it didn’t live up to all the hype. Just ball that shit up, stuff it in your closet or whatever, and spend your time reading People magazine or doing something that is actually useful.

2. Things that are surprisingly not vegan: Funyuns. Things that are happily extremely vegan: praline pecan butter. God bless trees and all the fruits therein.

3. I spent the better part of the day going through the upstairs room by room with a giant trash bag, a box for donations, a podcast, and an iron will. We should really move once every 2 years because we are expert crap collectors. Moving frequently causes me to keep it in check. We’ve been in Colorado Springs for 2 years now and I’m starting to feel like my walls are closing in on me. It does not help that my kids idea of tidy is not my idea of tidy. Yes, thank you for making a neat pile of those random things that all belong somewhere else, but maybe don’t. Today everyone’s rooms were mom tidied. And, if I haven’t seen anyone play with it in 6 months- it was baby bye bye bye. That means that they will ask for whatever it is I got rid of about 12 seconds +/- 3 after I drop it off at Goodwill. Ain’t that always the way?

4. 50% of the kids have random fevers. Jack woke up 2 nights ago complaining of growing pains and couldn’t get back to sleep so I laid with him. He flopped his lanky hot limbs on me in his sleep and I knew immediately he had a fever. He was 102, so I gave him ibuprofen and he was fine. He spent most of yesterday doing bobsled practice on the couch and watching people play video games mostly because he could. Laurel popped a fever yesterday afternoon and hers continued into today too. She took a couple of naps, but was otherwise her mischievous little doe eyed self. With all this COVID stuff, I can’t help but be on high alert any time someone gets a fever, but there was literally not one single other thing wrong besides Jack’s leg pain for a minute. The world is a weird place right now.

5. I bought a $15 magazine today about dogs’ brains and I cannot wait to read it all snuggled in bed but I’m stuck outside waiting for my dog to pee. The irony is not lost on me.


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