distancing day 87 thoughts:

1. Winnie is definitely a Drew as she wears her Christmas gear all year long. To be fair, it was cold as a witch’s tit this morning so she wasn’t all that far off. I started reading my dog magazine last night and I read ONE. WHOLE. PARAGRAPH. Any mom that has ever gone back to school deserves two degrees for the price of one because focusing with kids around is too much.

2. Everyone is feeling better at our house. Laurel did take a 4 hour nap which could be that she is fighting something or it could be the later summer bedtimes are getting to her. I mean- it is 9 and everyone is still up. What is this lawless wasteland that is my house? Everyone is crazy wound up tonight though so I will not be repeating this tomorrow. There were dispensations made today because dad was late coming home from work. If Jerry is late coming home again tomorrow- he’s gonna be coming home to a pitch back house at 715. No mistake.

3. All of the summer bridging books arrived finally and it’s about to be go tiiiiiiime. The kids have been poking around in them a bit and I’ve already heard how they’re the hardest things ever and I just can’t understand. Nah, babies. I taught myself physics and nuclear reactor engineering. We are gonna get through onomatopoeia and 2 digit multiplication while momma holds your hand… as God and Sal Khan as my witness.

4. Marian was having her usual daily Broadway breakdown and she cried “I want to go back to when I was twooooooooo. Things were so much better then.” And then we laughed and laughed and laughed. Now that I’m thinking about it… we did live in Monterey when she was two. That was a pretty solid time to be alive. There was no COVID. The weather was mostly always nice and the beach was close. We lived near some special, fun friends. Dad was home at a reasonable hour (and then went back to studying after they went to bed). We had the cutest skunk that lived under our back shed that would never spray us because we were his people, but it wouldn’t have mattered because he couldn’t lift his tail high enough under the shed to get us anyway. Jack and Clara were at school 5 days a week and Laurel was still just a screamy meatball that ate and slept, so she mostly had me all to herself. I can see why it was a better time in her little, overtired, precious brain.


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