distancing day 88 thoughts:

1. Guess how many more flat tires I had today. If you guessed 2, then you would be correct. Jerry has the motto “you should always wear shoes you can walk in” and days like today are why. This morning we had people working at our house that it would be best if the kids weren’t home. I told them to throw on clothes and grab masks and out the door we went to get drive thru donuts and coffee. I got as far as the gas station when my low pressure light came on. I thought maybe they just didn’t fill it up all the way when I got my new tires from the last flat since I haven’t driven my van since. That’s not what happened. The kids were all a mess in mismatched clothes – some of which was holiday attire. (Remember my post yesterday?) Flip flops that were being held together with a bread tie were worn and at least 2 of them were not dressed warmly enough. It was a great day to have the double whammy flat. I called Jerry and he answered his work phone possibly for the first time ever. Praise Be. He brought me his car and while we waited for him we got McDonald’s and ate it on the sidewalk across the street. This is the point in the day when Clara was certain it was time to have the ground either swallow her up or go full Macaulay Culkin and emancipate from her ridiculous, embarrassing family. She walked off and sat alone under a baby weeping willow because sometimes nature hands you a Royal Flush in the most dramatic fashion. Jack splayed himself out on the sidewalk like he was waiting to be fed grapes. They look alike but so do the + and – sides on a 12V battery. You’ll have to look closely in the picture below but peep Clara’s pained face at me taking this circus on the road. Should I tell her me embarrassing her will get so much worse or let it be a surprise? Two more new tires are in order and possibly some new rims. I do have Trump bucks still so maybe I should go for Spinners. I drive an otherwise generic van and the Walmart parking lot is a sea of them. Sorry you can eat corn off the cob through a fence kids, Momma spent your braces money on rims.

2. There were walks and bike rides and donuts and other things today too, but June wouldn’t be June if everything was Mayberry all the time. 

Also it’s Distancing Day 88 not 89. But, if my brain was working correctly it wouldn’t be summer.


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