distancing day 89 thoughts:

1. Today was a beautiful, wonderful summer day. I got the van back. The kids played. I did some Duolingo. It was mostly not exciting except for getting to go dumpster diving to see if I threw out my keys. They were in Jerry’s car all along. In hindsight, I probably should have waited to hear back from him before I went butt over brains in the garbage.

2. Winnie refused to go out and potty 2 nights ago in the middle of the night so I just didn’t set an alarm last night. I slept through the night for the first time since we brought her home 2 months ago and oh, boy! it was WONDERFUL. She spent a better part of the day playing outside with the kids today and being nosey. She did get pretty worn out, but she’s a sweetheart.

3. I think I have mentioned on here that Clara and Laurel have sleep apnea. They both sleep with mouthguards now. Laurel has fallen asleep on the couch the last few nights so she hasn’t had hers. Without it she doesn’t sleep well. Laurel screams like a banshee when she doesn’t sleep well. I apologize to everyone on Peterson AFB and in Colorado proper that heard her screaming about everything today.


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