distancing day 90 thoughts:

1. My face is still busted. Being vegan was more fun when I thought it might fix my face. It’s been 12 days and I think things may actually look worse. Being Meagan the (temporary) Vegan is still fun though. I don’t miss dairy or meat at all, but it’s a lot more work to feed myself. My food sensitivity test is still results pending. I am almost positive it’s going to say gluten and I should have used that $135 on the test to wipe with in the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. I’m sitting on the couch eating pretzels as we speak. Leave the gluten, take the cannoli.

2. I wore real pants today. I don’t know what came over me but I felt like I needed to pull myself together a little bit. It’s been 3 months since I’ve worn contributing member of society pants and it felt pretty good. The fact that they were flowy linen pants in my actual size likely helped a ton. I don’t know if I’ll go so far as to wear them again tomorrow, but 1/90 days is a start. I also put on a little CC cream and mascara and Marian was very confused. Based on how poor of a job I did, I was confused too.

3. Marian and Laurel (and mommy) all got a short nap today. Laurel doesn’t always nap anymore but she will usually fall asleep if I can get her to be still. I can get her to be still by letting her watch 5-minute crafts on Facebook- which she calls “5-minute craps” because F-T-s is hard. The first person to correct her is the first person to get a fat lip. She doesn’t say many little kid words anymore. I’m hanging on to them for as long as I can.

4. I really miss weight lifting a lot. Our gym is open but it gave me the heebie jeebies all the bodily fluids that were dripping off of people’s Lever 2000 BEFORE I had to worry about sputtering sputum and juicy coughs and sneezes. Hard pass. Soft body.

5. It’s been 90 days of social distancing. We are playing with just a few friends in the interest of sanity. It feels like summer bc that’s what we always do in the summer. The kids are more unaffected for now but they still cry from time to time about not getting to tell their teachers goodbye and missing their school friends. The kids still don’t go in any place outside of our house and friend’s houses but they don’t seem to mind not being dragged around Walmart for hours on end. I’m trying not to think too far in the future. For now, we are happy at home.


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