distancing day 91 thoughts:

1. Ok. I’d like to amend yesterday’s statement of missing the gym because I don’t only miss the gym. I also miss shopping at Goodwill for no reason other than I want to be at Goodwill and swimming pools. I miss other things too, for sure, but that’s my headspace today. I want to be less buoyant- wearing a cute cover-up, but be able to float freely in a pool.

2. Winnie has started whining when she is in her crate at night. She is sleeping through the night once she gets to sleep but being a whiny mcwhinerson until she goes to sleep. When she was having a chronic UTI, I would let her out to go potty again. My best guess is she got used to crying and being let out to go to the bathroom, so she’s gonna cry and cry and cry because being let out to go potty is more fun than being in her crate. I get it, but also, I’m going to probably cry right along with her if she doesn’t quit it. Tonight when I went to go pick up dinner, she somehow got ahold of a used teabag and ripped it into a million tiny teabag pieces. She used her subsequent caffeine high for evil and not good, so she is already on my dookie list. She’s pretty though.

3. I bought a buffet today for the dining room so I have a place to store all of our school stuff. The kids and I amassed quite the collection over the last 2 months of school. I don’t know what all the schools are planning in the Fall but I can almost guarantee that at the very least part of the learning (if not all) will be done at home. I bought a rinky dinky cabinet originally for their stuff but it fell apart promptly and wouldn’t hold a fart much less folders and books and papers x 4. The buffet should be a better choice and it can double as a mashed potato holder at Thanksgiving. That’s a win/win to me. The buffet was pretty much in pristine condition. I almost felt bad taking it because it’ll fall off the back of a moving truck or get painted on by a darling child with paint that stays so well it should be studied by NASA. Thankfully, I have learned over the years that spray paint is fine and having a house full of random colors doesn’t bother me or give me seizures. One day I will have a house that looks like it belongs in a catalog and not a house that looks like it belongs to a frat. Today is not that day and the buffet will fit right in before too long.

4. I waxed my eyebrows today while my kids were running about feral. I said something to one of them and didn’t pay close attention to what I was doing and took off waaaayyyy more eyebrow than I should. I had no choice but to do it to the other side too. They may be pencil thin on the ends, but nobody can say they’re uneven. If the 90s clothes want to roll through again this summer (I have no idea because I haven’t been to a store in 3 months), my eyebrows are ready.


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