distancing day 92 thoughts:

1. Wee Winnie Winter went on her first hike today! She went 3.1 miles which is hella impressive since the furthest she’s gone before that was 1.5. The views were beautiful too. Colorado gets prettier to me by the day. Even in the stupid winter, the mountain is gorgeous. Winnie may have gotten herself back in my good graces with the hike. That’s why I wanted a dog in the first place. I loved hiking with her today. I know one day she will be up for really long hikes if she hiked 3 miles at 3 months. Last night with Winnie was a flaming bag of crap show. By 9pm, she had 2 peanut butter kongs, a peanut butter mat, a pigs ear, a bone wrapped in jerky, and a bully stick in there with her. I would have put a filet mignon and a bottle of 1955 cab in there too to shut her up if I knew how she took her steak. Actually, of course I do, rare. Clara taught her how to pull weeds yesterday. Winnie asked to go out and she is outside right now ripping them out. She’s a brilliant, helpful dog even if she is a stinker.

2. Clara had her Cub Scout crossover via Zoom tonight. They really did a great job on it but she cried and cried and cried. Clara is like a Cadbury egg: hard on the outside and a ooey gooey on the inside. She misses her friends (we all do) and she was getting to see her sweet friend that moved tonight too. Zoom just doesn’t cut it when you want to hug and love on and play with your friends. When I saw she was crying, I asked her what was wrong. She said “my emotions are like a rubber band. They keeping getting pulled and pulled and pulled and they’re just going to snap.” Breaking my heart.

3. Tomorrow is change the sheets day. I learned that the key to keeping my upstairs from smelling like teenager is to change the sheets and wash the bed spreads for the tweens once a week. Even still… by Saturday/Sunday it’s getting a little rich up there.

4. I’m eating cherries tonight while we watch Victorian pharmacy. Every time I eat cherries I am reminded of when I was eating cherries on the couch at 2am in Georgia. I had terrible insomnia when we lived there. Anyway, when I was eating them I lifted a cherry to my mouth and kissed a hitchhiking roach. I jumped up so fast there was cherry on every surface as far as the eye could see. I also shrieked like the Zodiac Killer slunk in through the window and asked to bum a smoke. I’m sure I look deranged when I eat cherries now because I inspect every inch of every one.


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