distancing day 94 thoughts:

1. Welp. The food sensitivity test came back and I’m not allergic to anything. Nothing, honey. I guess this is just my face now. I sure hope wearing these masks extends out the next 60 years or so. My face is super peel-y and itchy and annoying today so… I super appreciate the timing of that test.

2. Two more weeks of the vegan experiment. I still don’t miss meat or dairy. It’s a good bit more labor intensive eating vegan, but it’s not terrible. The kids all gobble up dinner so I’m 99.9% positive we will stay primarily dinner vegan (when I’m cooking).

3. Winnie was a cuddle bug (with one wonky eye) today. The older she gets the less frequently she gets the humping zoomies – thank goodness. Humping zoomies are like regular zoomies but with overtired air humping added in for pizazz.

3. It was another hot one today. I sat outside until about 10 when the sweat river got to be too much. The kids played nicely with toys most of the day but BEGGED me to take them out to ride bikes. I went outside with them but they started trickling back in after about 1 trip around the circle. Not even the winds could keep it cool this afternoon- especially not because they felt like they were coming off a tea kettle.

4. I feel kinda silly writing about our every day life sometimes because it’s not terribly interesting, but I committed to writing every day social distancing was a thing. I didn’t realize social distancing would be a thing for months and months and months but here we are.


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