distancing day 95 thoughts:

1. We have bubble people. Our bubble people have done wonders for our mental health. This social distancing thing has gone on and on and on and appears to be going to go on and on and on. Having people we aren’t genetically linked to (that are also social distancing) that we can hang with is a glorious, wonderful thing. I would love to just pretend like COVID doesn’t exist and gallivant about doing all the things we normally do in summer, but even my cursory glance at the numbers every couple days reminds me that Summer 2020 is the summer of praying that the very few people we see regularly don’t get tired of us or think we generally suck ass. Or maybe they think run-on sentences suck ass. I am what I am.

2. My backyard looks like it belongs to Snow White. We have at least 2 squirrels (but I think 4? + though I haven’t formally introduced myself so one can’t really be sure), at least a dozen birds, and 373927384838 moths. I even saw one singular mosquito who was very clearly lost because we don’t do that here. With all the varying wild life, you’d think I’d get at least some free housework out of the deal, but instead- one of my creatures ripped open our industrial sized bag of birdseed and had themselves a proper birdseed buffet alllllll over my back porch. I’m still on the fence about cleaning it off or just leaving it until they’ve eaten it all. We all know I’m probably just going to leave it.

3. I called the kids’ principal today about our plans for next year after nearly working myself up to vomit city. I was so worried about how the conversation was going to go, but she was so kind and loving, as usual- which is just one of the many, many, many reasons I love their school. She also offered me a solution that allows the kids to be connected to the school through the next school year while we also homeschool. It will be kinda a hybrid program with a majority of their learning being momma directed, but being plugged in to a class or two at school throughout the week. I cried and cried when I got off the phone. I adore their school, the kids adore their school, and even if we aren’t going every day – they still get to stay part of it. Furthermore, I’ve been ruminating on the notion that I *can* homeschool my kids but some people can’t. If there are 3 less Drews at the school, then there are 3 less people that need socially distanced desks or 3 less people who don’t always dab when they sneeze or 3 less people to need resources and time (and energy) from already overworked teachers. We are all in this together after all. The best thing for my kids and our school/community is probably to keep them home this year. I did find a curriculum that really excites me and the kids (and ma’am’s American history loving heart in the tertiary). Never you mind that I misspell curriculum every single time I type it and Siri saves the day. It’s not a prerequisite to teach your kids that you can spell curriculum or broccoli correctly on the first try- even if it probably should be.

4. My laptop was not cooperating today and it made my work take hours and hours when it should have only taken a half hour. If you see something burning in a barrel in my driveway tomorrow- mind ya business. Actually, since we are already having Colorado wildfires, I might should go the Office Space route and beat the innards out with a bat. That sounds more satisfying anyway.


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