distancing day 97 thoughts:

1. If slugs were people, they would be Drews today. We were slow getting started and haven’t really gotten going at all. The TV has been on all day and many many many movies have been watched. I haven’t seen anybody slap anybody so I’m gonna ride this Pixar wave as far as it will take me.

2. I had hired a babysitter for this afternoon, but there was a mixup in the plans. I kept the babysitter and went and got some lunch and went to a small resale store that is closing because of COVID. Lunch and the resale were back over on my old stomping grounds when the kids were in school. I have mostly only hung out on the east side of town since March and I certainly haven’t gone many places without my kids. When I was driving around from place to place I had a bit of heartache at how quickly things changed and, honestly, I missed my stinkin’ kids. I was a tad bit sick to my stomach but that didn’t stop me from ordering 2 salads at Saladworks. I find that I’m not hungry, not hungry, not hungry, not hungry and then OMG FEED ME RIGHT NOW OR I WILL EAT THE ARM OFF A PASSERBY. Not a tattooed arm though: Jeffrey Dahmer said those taste bad. I learned that from a podcast. Aren’t podcasts special?

3. I ordered myself an Apple Watch today. I have been weirdly obsessed with it for like weeks. As an avid hiker, I have been really pining for one for the fall sensor and emergency services call. That way if I tumble down a mountain and break everything, my emergency contacts know just where to go scoop me up. I also get tachycardia from time to time. It probably only happens two or three times a year, but as someone who had heart surgery in high school for something you could just -boom- drop dead from, it’s a little concerning. The couple times I’ve mentioned it to my Dr, I’ve had to have a Holter monitor for a few days. The problem with the Holter monitor is that if you don’t have tachycardia while you’re wearing it, you don’t get any answers. So, I stopped mentioning it. The goo and days without showering for no answers is a P to V that I can’t get behind. The idea of having an ECG on my wrist that might catch that when it happens fires me up. *JAZZ HANDS* SCIENCE! I also am very guilty of just picking up my phone and scrolling though it because it’s there and I’m there. If I have a way to communicate that doesn’t have the entire internet at my fingertips, maybe I’ll be less likely to waste time and scroll on. I could also probably try a flip phone for that but I don’t wanna- even if I can still text a mile a minute on the old razr type phones. Old habits die hard. All that’s to say, I, basically, made an iron clad case for why I had to have one in my head. When I saw it was $100 off on Amazon and will be here tomorrow- well Jeff Bezos willed it to be. I’m not one to argue with Jeff Bezos. Also, THIS:


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