distancing day 98 thoughts:

1. Winnie had a Drs appointment today to get the rest of her puppy shots. She’s also had some puppy runs so I asked about those. Since we can’t go in, the Dr called me after her appointment to talk to me. Winnie only growled and didn’t try and bite anyone today. She also gave kisses and she got an excellent behavior report. We set the bar reallllllll low for her cause she’s smart but a few Bradys short of a bunch. She had to go back on more prescription food and on a probiotic for weeks and weeks. Whatever. If it makes her not shoot mustard out the back like a howitzer, then it’s money well spent. She had training today too where we worked on place. She was super tired though and not really in the mood to work. She will get it.

2. My Apple watch came today and I am not Gen Z enough to know how to work this new fangled thing. It was easy enough to set up but that’s as far as I got before I had to ask Marian what to do. I broke the band it came with in about 5 minutes of having it too. I had ordered a backup that I could use but I put that on upside down. I walked around like a full derp at the BX until I realized I was the only one that had mine fastened that way.

3. I have 9 more days of veganism and if you’re wondering if it’s a diet, it is not.

4. I.am.exhausted. I’ve been up at 5 every morning this week- which I used to do in the school year, but I also actually slept at night. 2 nights this week I slept 3 hours or less and that’s not enough sleep for this Koala. I’ve been counting down the hours until bedtime since 4 and the minutes until bedtime since 6. My kids asked to watch a movie at 6 and I guffawed. NOPE. We are going to bed at 7 on this wild Saturday night. I actually wouldn’t care if they stayed up later but nobody wants to be in charge of the dog. When mom goes to bed, the dog goes to bed. When the dog goes to bed, everyone goes to bed. Maybe if they wanted to watch 1 dog til bedtime they could be up watching 101 Dalmatians… instead they’re gonna be watching their eyelids.


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