distancing day 99 thoughts:

1. Last day of social distancing in the double digits. Tomorrow is our 100 days social distancing gathering with our bubble people. Today, the kids got hair cuts on base and I gave the lady a 40% tip because my kids haven’t had hair cuts in months and it was their first outing into civilization after 99 days at home. She earned every penny of that tip.

2. Walmart trolled me hard today. I ordered paper plates and instead of the 8” plates they gave me 5”. Like: “maaaaybe we can help you out with portion control, Wilbur.” Rude. But, also… thanks?

3. The Drew kids got in a 4 car pile up at the neighbor’s house tonight and 50% of them grounded themselves. I went to walk the dog and came back to 3 apology letters and a list of things they’re grounded from for a week. I was just going to ground them from TV and the switch for a day or two. But, you guys go on. We can do that. Sibling fighting is weird to me. I don’t understand it and never have- only child problems party of one. They’re fiercely loyal to each other though, so I am gonna guess that all this sibling fighting is going to make them well-rounded take no shit kinda people. Or they could just be the kinda people that walk around with purple nurple bruise marks and avoid relationships. Let’s hope it’s the first option, not the last. I’m including the great portrait studio purple nurple heard round the Walmart for your viewing pleasure.

4. The moths are back. And, I don’t mean like some moths are around- I mean droves of moths are back and they’re full of poop. I opened the gate to my fence today (where they like to be) and hundreds came swarming out and pooped all down my arm. Disgusting. On the wild life front, we also had a snake beside our house today. The snake got in a fight with a rabbit and Jerry said it was quite the spectacle. I didn’t see the fight, but I did see the snake. Snakes don’t really bother me, but I don’t like surprises. I’m going to have to mow tomorrow bc our grass is getting long and I’m not down with serpent peek a boo.


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