distancing day 101 thoughts:

1. I ordered our hybrid homeschool curriculum today. I’ve known what I wanted for a bit, but the price tag was a little hard to swallow. I finally just ordered it today because it has to be done eventually. I wanted to have some time to organize and figure out what we are doing before we do it. Also, we are having a low technology summer and the kids have been wanting some new books. The libraries here are still curbside, so why not just read the ones we are going to read for school?

2. I mowed the grass today for the first time this year. It simply took a snake sighting to get me motivated. I have an electric lawnmower and it only unplugged 3 times, which has to be a new record. Winnie is off all treats right now until we get her trotskies under control completely, so I couldn’t treat her nonstop while I mowed like I do when I vacuum. She beagled. She Chewbacca’d. She grunted. She barked. She howled. She ended up in her playpen until the deed was done because I didn’t want her to have a negative experience. Next time, I will have one of the kids give her training treats until she’s explodes. When I was done, I immediately took a shower and washed my hair. I learned from last year that I my eyelids will swell up like itchy golfballs if I don’t shower right away. And they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

3. My kids’ bedtime is 7. We’ve been letting them stay up a little later (like 730) because it’s summer and the sun doesn’t even go down until 830 or so. 730 seems a little early to lots of folks, but after a full day of being in each other’s grills- they gots to go. I don’t care if they read, draw, play legos, plan to anarchy- do. not. care. They just have to do it in their rooms. I’m usually in my bed too so I’m an equal opportunity tyrant. Tonight it’s taken 45 minutes to get the kids settled and in their rooms for their evening of nihilism, so we are going to start bedtime 45 minutes early tomorrow. Yes, that means: 630-645 ish. Some people haven’t even eaten dinner by 630 and my kids will already be teeth brushed and marching up the stairs like the Von Trapps. The latest I can really even keep my eyes open is maaaaaybe 9. The fact that I’m even sorta coherently typing right now is a phenomenon in and of itself.

4. Jerry’s Father’s Day present arrived today. You’ll never guess what it is. I can give you the hint that Amazon tried to warn me “ONLY 7 LEFT” and I felt absolutely zero pressure because they’re not flying off the shelves. It’s probably said only 7 left for 3 years. You ready? It was a $16 collection book for state quarters, that they didn’t get in a hurry about shipping. He loved it. He said “I didn’t even have to pretend to like this present because I really do!” The kids and Jerry have been collecting National Park quarters for years. Laurel has recently taken a major interest in the hunt, but she finds mostly state quarters, so she wanted to get the book for Daddy. Who knew that the 4 year old knows Daddy best?


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