distancing day 105 thoughts:

1. Welp. The EU decided that Americans aren’t allowed to visit because we are doing a piss poor job of controlling COVID. We have had a trip planned to England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland for almost a year and we are were going to go next month. The UK will still let Americans come for now but you have to quarantine/self-isolate for 14 days or the length of your trip. We’ve pretty much known since March that we probably wouldn’t be able to go. It didn’t make canceling our tickets suck any less. C’est la vie. France won’t let us come in to their country, but hopefully Americans using French is still ok.

2. The kids’ curriculum did come today but we didn’t get around to unboxing it. Laurel is by far the most excited of the bunch about the unboxing but she’s also the only one that doesn’t have any stuff in it. I’m super excited. Alas, I didn’t want to tear into the boxes like a rabid raccoon so I fought the urge to rip them open and am waiting until I have time to really look at the stuff. May make an unboxing video. Idk. I’ve never made an unboxing video before. I’ve also never homeschooled before. I find that there is a very large undercurrent of homeschoolers that are overtly religious. We all know I love Jesus but I cuss a lil. Might do some other homeschool mom some good to see someone who is less Proverbs 31 and more Bad Moms 2016 do a review. I guess I’ll just have to see what percentage Michelin man I’m feeling tomorrow. They say the camera adds 10lbs and I’m in no position to discount that amount of flux.

3. Wee Winnie Winter had dog training today where she learned about starting and stopping games. Let me paint you a picture of how it went when she was told “take a break.” Oh, that’s right. It didn’t. She is stubborn and spoiled rotten. We have a plan, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t overwhelming. This is like 10/10 important to me to be able to teach her this though, so I’m super duper dedicated to getting it right. In just the half hour that we worked on this with her today at training, I saw a difference in how quickly she was snapping out her little doggie bitch fit. I’m not the behaviorist, but I am stubborn and Winnie is wicked smaht. One last note on the goodest doggie: she lost her two front top teeth now too and it’s really dang cute, even when she’s making her devil dog face. Marian and Winnie are top teef twinsies.


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