distancing day 107 thoughts:

1. I’m going to be honest and say that today didn’t feel too distancey. I went out with a friend for 4 whole hours. We ate in a restaurant, went to 4? 5? stores too. We wore masks so that made it distancing, I guess. It felt really great to have a few hours to talk to my friend without stopping to wipe booty boos, get drinks, break up fights, and whatever else having a house full of homies entails. This whole time I’ve been very careful to balance sanity with safety. Today was a major win for sanity’s sake and I think (hope) pretty safe too!

2. One of the stops today was to Target where I got lots of goodies for the kids for school and some for me too! The cashiers were extra chatty today and they were asking people questions about the stuff in their cart. Our cashier asked if we were school teachers. I explained my situation and excused myself to potty after we paid. As I was walking past another belt there was a lady with probably 50, but likely more, face masks splayed out. I don’t mean COVID face masks, I mean like Kardashian face masks. Actually, they probably don’t shop at Target. Anyway. The cashier asked her if she was planning a spa party and she said back in the deepest voice I may have ever heard “NAW. I’m just a trucker and I like to feel pretty.” Solid, sis. If those didn’t give me horrendous pimples, I’d be right there with ya.

3. I painted one of the bookshelves today and it’s better than I even imagined! I’m so excited to set it up tomorrow! I need to wipe it down with a super soft, damp cloth to get the fine dust off of it before I bring it inside and, then, we are gonna be ready to go.


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