distancing day 108 thoughts:

1. I read last night about another damn flu strain that freakin’ pigs are giving to people. I am straight up not in the mood for a second pandemic. If this is the final act of humanity damning and Jesus is rollin’ through soon… well, he really needs to just hurry it up. I’m going to request that we can get this show on the road before I waste my time losing weight. My heaven body will either just have to be fat or ill be a floating head with wings or whatever. Botticelli painted many a thicc girl heading straight for the pearly gates, so I know we are invited.

2. All my kids went on a walk with me today. We were going so slowly that about every 30 seconds my watch kept asking me if we were done with our walk. I burned 8 calories in 20 min which is cool because that’s how many calories that I need for when Winnie farts with the windows up.

3. It’s 730 and I’m done parenting for the day, but, sadly, my kids aren’t done being parented.

4. I got around to editing Mari’s toofless pictures. I always do a special photoshoot with my babies when they lose their top two teeth because it’s my FAVORITE. The scenery was a suggestion of my friends from their photoshoot a while ago. This is definitely my new favorite location because it’s got it all! Also, I’m kinda loving photography again. I needed a break for a bit. Now that I’ve done a few shoots, I have the bug again.

5. If you were ever curious about the Jones eye. Here is the Jones eye:

She may not look like me, but that’s how I know she’s mine. Also, only the Drew2 ladies have the Jones eye. Poor, sweet, precious, cuddly, love bug Jack CANNOT do it. When he tries he just looks like a sugar muffin that needs a hug.


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