distancing day 109 thoughts:

1. I just got back from a walk with my dog and she draggggggged me (literally and figuratively) at the end. I decided to run home because it was only a half mile and Winnie loves to run. I was out there looking like Forest Gump and this lady is straight prancercising- barely even above leisurely stroll pace. Rude. Double rude is that she likes to hump when she gets tired. The last half of my walk I had a overexcited koala ankle weight. Also, my Apple Watch didn’t give me credit for any of my hour and a half walk… just my 4 some odd minutes of running. Thanks. I was gonna close all 3 damn exercise rings though so I’m sitting on the floor in my bathroom while I let the exercise timer run. No shame.

2. I love summer because of the slower pace but I still don’t sit down all day long- I’m just busy with what I want to do. Today I made some circuit decals and a shirt, walked the dog twice, painted the front and back of our new doggie door door, put the doggie door in the doggie door, cataloged the curriculum, organized the curriculum, edited some pictures, talked to my momma, had a little date with my son, did my work for the day, fed my kids 395 times, did a load of laundry, and miraculously found shoes that were nowhere to be found – not even exactly where I said they were because they must have gotten donated to Goodwill by the neighbors…and probably some other stuff I don’t remember. I’m tired but not the bone aching drudgery tired that the school year sometimes brings. I’m the been in the sun and did some bucket filling things tired. There is a difference and summer is the best.

3. While I was doing all of the aforementioned things, the kids were playing together. You see: playing together means pulling out everything in the whole house and spreading it to the four corners of the earth. They’re generally really good about cleaning up their messes so I let it slide until early evening and then we tidy up real quick and act like we aren’t gross for when daddy comes home. Anyway. The baby doll nursery school that explodes all over my front room is whatever. The craft supplies and stickers that are stuck to every horizontal surface is fine. The forts and teepees and the blanket houses are all super. Papers everywhere- looking like someone busted a Dunder Mifflin piñata is cool too. The one thing that makes me INSANE is when the kids pull the couch cushions off of my actual couch to make a couch on the floor. What in Jesus name is the point of that?!? The cushions never ever make it back on to the couch like they’re supposed to. There are almost always tears because cramming a rectangle peg into a square hole is like harrrrrd, mom. And for what? Why do we do this daily exercise in futility? So that we can take the couch {here} and move in 2 feet and make a couch {there}. Nope. Don’t like that.


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