distancing day 111 thoughts:

1. Today was full of naps. Naps for me. Naps for Jerry. Naps for Laurel. Naps for Winnie. Now I want to go to sleep but Laurel is still jacked up to Jesus and that’s not a fine combination.

2. On mine and Winnie’s walk today she stopped and sniffed all the things. We have been working on nose work and so some walks we just stroll and sniff. Today she stumbled upon a crustacean. A crustacean in Colorado.

We’ve been working on “take a break” with Winnie too. It was ROUGH the first few days and then I thought we turned a corner. Tonight when the kids were being wild, she got wild too and I could send the kids to bed but the dog was having a hard hard time winding down. It ended with me in tears and thinking that Winnie deserves someone much better equipped to be her mommy because I’m not a good enough trainer. I felt that a lot the first few days of the week. Being in a battle of wills with your dog is no fun. It’s especially not fun when your dog is a few peas short of a casserole to begin with. I know that it will get better eventually, but I hope training her isn’t like cleaning out a closet- that’s a gotta get way worse before it gets better kinda situation. I try not to do training with her at night when she’s exhausted and has the zoomies already because she’s not in the right state of mind. I couldn’t just let her be an aggressive asself nipping at me and the kids though, so train we must. At least her devil dog anger outburst wore her out and she hasn’t been whining for the last hour since I put her in bed. I’m afraid if she was down there crying and carrying on too, I’d have to yeet her to the ISS with a note tied to her cage that said “no takesies backsies.”


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