distancing day 112 thoughts:

1. Today started at 1101pm last night because the dog had the crying jello pudding sharts… again. I let her in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out of the house for hours on end. She finally went out and wanted to stay out around 445. The good news is that I got to watch a marathon of Married at First Sight Australia and I think Winnie felt better starting around lunch time today. The bad news is I will probably start calling people mate and I only slept like 40 minutes last night.

2. We went on a family bike ride this early afternoon and I brought up the rear with Laurel. We went down a fairly steep hill and watching and listening to Laurel was the best. She is a woo girl and I am here for it. She’s a tough little thing too because what goes down, must come up when you’re trying to get back to your house.

3. There were naps for everyone this afternoon around 330 so that we could stay up to watch fireworks tonight. Our naps coincided with a short thunderstorm in the most delightful of serendipitous outcomes. I love thunderstorms and I especially love thunderstorms when I sleep. I can only think of a handful of times in my 36 years when thunder woke me up. The most recent was this past summer when we were at my parents house. It sounded like someone dropped a truck on the house- I swear the whole house shook. Jack woke up screaming like a banshee. Clara was crying and shaking. Jerry and the little girls woke up too. There was many much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I didn’t go back to sleep that night because my fight or flight response was engaged and my adrenaline couldn’t seem to get the message that there were no perps to throat punch- just your run of the mill lightening strikes a tree inches from your window type of deal. Thankfully none of that was the case today. I had a nice little nap with little Laurel toes climbing my rib cage like a rope ladder. The thunder was just a bonus.

4. We drove up, up, up to Cheyenne Mountain to see the fireworks tonight. We could probably see fireworks in every direction for at least 50 miles. It was amazing! I’ve seen some fireworks in my life, but never 3 city’s fireworks at once! We watched Fort Carson’s fireworks from basically above. It was super cool. On the drive home, we saw tons more fireworks from some of the city’s 9 shows. We brought the dog with us to feed her treats the whole time we watched the Carson show so she wouldn’t be afraid, but she just rolled around in the grass and people watched oblivious of the fireworks around her. She got the zoomies a few times in there and she bit my armpit at least 4 times. I was thinking better of bringing her, but I’m glad we did. Now that we are back home it’s loud and she would have probably been scared if we left her alone. I’m glad she doesn’t seem too bothered, even if she chewed all the deodorant off my right armpit in her fits of zoomie insanity.

5. This isn’t exactly chronological in the day but I also submitted a maintenance request for our fence today. Our fence gate was broken dang near 2 years before anybody attempted to fix it, so I’m not hopeful but I’m going to try anyway. Our fence is bowing in several places, nails have come out and I’ve found them laying in my yard- those are some long somofabishis too. I submitted the work order online as that’s a new perk we have here. After my work order was submitted, I got a recap of every single maintenance request I’ve requested for the last 2 years. For starters, the telephone service reps are either typing extremely fast or they’re ESL. Maybe both. They also use all caps in strange places which really made it look like I was impassioned about some weird stuff. My favorite was “dishwasher RUNS but the DISHES are still greasy and they’re a family OF 6.” If you read that sentence with yelly ALL CAPS emphasis, I hope it made you giggle as much as it did me. I wish I had read them more closely. Without a doubt I will be capitalizing random words in my maintenance requests from now on just to keep things spicy.


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