distancing day 113 thoughts:

1. Today was a good day filled with bike rides, walks, naps, and lots of fresh air. It looks like there is a storm rolling in now and I don’t hate it. It’s sleeeeeeeping weather!!! Too bad we just started a movie at 645 and we won’t be in bed until at least 830. Gross.

2. I missed a that’s what she said joke today. I actually asked Jerry “that’s what who said.” Brain tumor? Exhaustion? Could be anything at this point.

3. I don’t think Winnie feels 100% but she seems to be okish. I guess? We still have yet to put on her doggie door. Sheesh. We are really going to do it tomorrow. Really we are. Swear.

Not much to report. Today was a lovely weekend day. Uneventful and also mostly free from ridiculousness. Mostly.


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