distancing day 115 thoughts:

1. Rompers are NOT for people with long torsos. I look like I’m auditioning for the lead role in Annie Get Your CamelToe. I’m not taking this off though because it’s basically just socially acceptable go around town pajamas.

2. Clara got a case of the Covid sucksies and my entire afternoon went off the rails so we could spend time together. I have noticed the kids were starting to get a little frayed, but I thought maybe it was just the novelty of summer was wearing off. It might be a little bit of that too. Clara misses her friends and while we are all excited (ok, maybe not Jack) about being at home together next year – it’s still another change. That’s a lot for little guys and gals. Clara burst into tears about really nothing at all and the underlying theme was that this is so very big and they feel small and out of control. Me too, baby. Me too. So what else is there to do but create! Clara and I got out her sewing machine and she made her first dress. I helped her cut it out and sew the arm seams but she did the rest. She ran off happily after her distraction sewing, so I guess it did whatever it was I set out to do when we started. Quality time? Yes. Distraction? Absolutely. Learning? Probably. Confidence Building? I hope so! I’m going to keep a close eye on the kiddos over the next couple weeks. They’re strong and much like a Cadbury egg, you don’t realize they’ve cracked until you’ve got a sticky mess.

3. I bought a new school game for the kids yesterday while I was out. Jack, Clara, and I played it today. It’s like Pictionary for States. A player pulls a card, draws clues about the state, and then we all guess. We may be too stupid to play it or my prowess for stick figure art is sloughing off in my old age, but I didn’t get it. I don’t know what exactly we were learning. I’d have probably learned the same amount from drawing a toothbrush or a dorsal fin. It was fun though, I guess.

4. The only reason I know it’s Tuesday is because my recycling can is full and so is the one in my house. This corona summer is just one looooong day that bleeds together.


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