distancing day 118 thoughts:

1. I have not slept in 2 nights. I have not napped those two days because of varying levels of jackassery from the human members of the family. This morning, after my cat nap, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed in the wrong room probably also in the wrong house at this point. I usually do pretty well with sleep interruptions. I do not do well with sleep terrorism. This has been sleep terrorism.

2. This morning I went on a hike at a new spot and it’s really lovely. It was super duper shady too so I didn’t realize that the rest of Colorado Springs felt like the molten crowns of Venus until we left. It was so nice to be outdoors without going full Wicked Witch of the West and mellltinnggg. I will definitely be bringing the kids back there. There are miles and miles and miles of shady trails, so lots of room for us to wander.

3. After my hike I needed to stop by the ATM to get money for the babysitter. The ATM is right by the drive-thru COVID testing center and that place was hoppin.’ There were so many cars I couldn’t even pull in to the parking lot for the bank. Colorado’s numbers are higher than they’ve been. Our Mayor put out a statement today asking people to do the right thing and wear a mask so he doesn’t have to put out an order or close businesses. If the testing site here is any indication of the increase in positive cases, then wooeee we are in trouble folks.

4. The girls and I got about 3/4 of the way through the new Babysitters Club show. Y’all. It’s so good! Alicia Silverstone is one of the girls’ mom and they made a joke about “my mom is so clueless” halfway through the first episode. The cast is diverse, some of the topics are complex and handled in an age appropriate way, and they still stayed true to the tone of the original Babysitters Club books I read as a kid. Two thumbs way way way up. WAY UP. It was a win with all 6 of us. It’s on Netflix. Check it out. Also on Netflix is Supermarket Sweep. That’s next up on my force my children to walk down memory lane this summer list. I really hope they cheer for people sprinting towards ham as hard as I always did.


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