distancing day 120 thoughts:

1. Bless the rains. The sky looked like it wanted to just fall out and start over around 1230. We never did get a ton of rain, but we did get just enough cloud coverage and sprinkles to cool off Colorado Sahara. We ain’t built for 97 degrees with 40% humidity out here. You might as well roast us on a spit. Then, at least, half of our body would be getting a breeze. I am not being cheeky about this. I have lived in the South for half of my life. 100 degrees and 100 humidity isn’t pleasant, but the South works you up to it and doesn’t just slap you in the face with a branding iron cause it felt like being unGodly hot on a random week in July. Eat shit, global warming. I don’t care about penguins right now, I care about becoming bacon when I walk to get my mail because I live on the surface of the sun.

2. The Drews (minus mom and Clara) are all camping out again tonight. I guess they slept well? I had a hard time falling asleep inside because the silence was the greatest thing I’ve heard in 120 days. Clara and I are watching a movie and cuddling in bed. I don’t hate it. She’s at the sweet spot where she’s a cool little gal and she doesn’t teen hate me yet because I breathe loud or whatever. Oh, sweet simple Meagan. I’m just kidding – there is a whole litany of embarrassing things from which to pull when it’s go time.

3. New development. Now all of the kids are back inside. One is going to play. 3 are crammed in the bed with me. I guess I’m gonna wrap it up because writing requires elbow room of which I have none.


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