distancing day 122 thoughts:

1. My body woke me up at 3 this morning because yesterday was a circus and my little only child soul said nope. I accidentally woke Winnie up checking on her in her crate, but we had a lovely morning snuggling on the couch while I read. Well, some snuggling- some digging through the recycling bin and finding discarded Coke Zero cans and playing a very loud game of keep away. This week Winnie’s training is all about CTFD or relax- you can google that acronym if you don’t know it but it’s not nice. Winnie has a hard time unwinding, so this week she gets all the treats for just laying calmly in the House of Crazy. This morning she went to her crate without being prompted AND laid down and napped next to all 3 girls at 3 different times.

2. All of my kids have gone through a hand washing phase. It doesn’t usually last very long but it’ll really catch you off guard as it comes aggressively sudsing in from left field. Laurel took her turn today. If all 3 of the other kids hadn’t also bewildered me with the obsessive hand washing, then I would certainly assume this was somehow related to COVID. As coincidence would have it- Laurel’s hand washing phase is just an aptly timed Drew right of passage. It still didn’t make the screaming from 230pm to nearly 5pm any more tolerable, but the ensuing nap helped us all to power through until bedtime.

3. The kids got a lovely reminder this AM that “you don’t get privileges just for waking up” and surprise! after their chores and school work were done- privileges were had by all. We used our TV time to finish The Babysitters Club series. Oh please. Oh please. Oh please let them make a season 2. It’s the best thing on television for little tweenie types and their siblings. If you haven’t watched it- waaaatch it. You won’t regret it.

4. I am super duper NOT a breakfast person. I will eat breakfasty type foods around 1030 on the rarest of occasions, but don’t come at me with no heavy ass omelet before I’ve worked my way through at least a quarter of my day. Since I got up so early this morning, I was a pot and a half deep on the nectar of the gods by the time the first two legged Drew made it out of bed. The caffeine consumption, lack of water, lack of sleep, and morning antibiotics did a number on my stomach and I felt like I HAD to eat to make it less sour. If anyone in the neighborhood heard or saw me on the front porch gagging trying to choke down yogurt (cause probiotics), my sincerest apologies. I want to be a breakfast person, really I do. You all look like you’re really enjoying yourself. I just can’t. I prefer to starve all day and then eat all my calories for the day- and probably some for tomorrow- between the hours of 530pm and 6pm like any other stress hog. Some call it intermittent fasting. Some call it dreadful self care. Potato. Potahto.


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