distancing day 125 thoughts:

1. My parents bought the kids a new trampoline since there is no Grandsir and Ma’am camp this year. The trampoline was supposed to arrive today, so at 3 when the UPS man dropped off one single box, we thought that was it. The box was only about 4 feet tall and maybe 2 feet wide. This is like a BIG trampoline, folks. I was a little skeptical that this was the whole trampoline, but maybe people have origami skills I don’t know anything about out there. There are Guinness World records for far more obscure things, after all. I opened the box and was ready to get to work when I realized there were no directions. Upon closer inspection, what arrived was box 4 of 4. Boxes 1-3 of 4 are still MIA. I am so perplexed by this arrangement. I have ordered some strange and complicated pieces of furniture in my life and never once have I gotten more than 1 box. I have no idea why the 4 boxes wouldn’t arrive together, but this system just might be genius. The 4 box was the net and the net poles. If these trampoline people walk me through boxes 1-3 in the order in which I put the pieces together, they need a Nobel prize. The end.

2. I felt better today because I am ready to execute my plan this coming week. I don’t linger well when there is something anxiety producing on the horizon. I’d rather just get to work. I do procrastinate quite nicely when it’s something I’m not worried about though as the last minute is typically the only minute I need. I picked up interim math books for the kids today to get us through until school starts back as I plan on them doing Math with the school- if it’s still an option when things play out. I grabbed an additional workbook for Clara on a whim because it was only $6 and it looked really silly and fun. She is bright and catches on to math quickly but enjoys announcing “but I don’t like mattttthhh.” Ok, I don’t like whining but we are both about to deal with something we don’t like then, eh? I called her upstairs tonight and we did 4 of the pages in the workbook and she had a blast. I actually had to cut her off so we could get ready for bed. Great success! I don’t remember math worksheets being this fun when I was a kid. She had a decoder problem that the answers were the punch line to the joke. There was a number crossword puzzle too! There was even a game you could play right on the page with just a paper clip. She was catching on so quickly and enjoying herself- a mom’s dream come true! Marian has been killing it with her new reading program too. She is reading words I didn’t know she knew. She gets so tickled with herself when she whizzes through a page and has gotten them all right. Watching kids’ light bulbs go off is the BEEESSSSTTT. I totally understand why teachers teach.

3. I don’t know what we have planned for this weekend besides taking down the tent finally because the grass under it is probably deeeeadt. We left it up all week and the kids had a grand old time playing in it. Our air mattress is out there too and I think it’s been a car, a slide, an airplane, a store counter, and a cover from heavy artillery fire. I love the kids’ imaginations so very much. This summer has been really unlike our usual summers and I know the kids are bored out of their brains. I am so thankful that they still all play. What would any of us truly do without play during this time?


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