distancing day 130 thoughts:

1. This morning showed me that we are no longer equipped to make it out of the house early enough to be at school on time. After 130 days of a leisurely pace, Drill Sergeant Mommy had troops ill-prepared for movement. The old urgency that lit our butt fires is no longer there and my gentle prodding made little difference. I could have gone more the Full Metal Jacket route instead of the Troop Beverly Hills path, but I’d probably just have had a sore throat and still been behind. I don’t think that’s what Robert Frost had in mind either.

2. We made it to the dog park to meet Winnie’s brother almost a half an hour late because a. Winnie had to eat grass and puke before we left, b. I navigated to the wrong park at first, c. I caught every red light and some portable ones that I think CSPD threw in just for shits and giggles, d. I went to the wrong entrance to the park and had to socially distance ask some ladies where I was. I won’t even get in to the nutroll that was having the dog in the car while also having pancakes and bacon for the kids. She was manic. When we finally made it to the right place, Winnie got exactly 1 foot in the gate before some fluffy white thing came up and started trying to hump her. Listen, Jared from Subway, SHE. IS. A. BABY! GET OFF OF HER! This was my first dog park experience and the rogue humper had me on high alert. I am not a helicopter mom with my children, but I am a helicopter dog mom for sure. Back to Winnie and her brother, Oscar: they’re just the most adorable little mutts I ever did see. Oscar is very serious and very well behaved. Winnie is jovial and high anxiety. The kids loved feeding Oscar treats, but Winnie didn’t calm down enough to eat until hours later. She had the time of her life playing with him though. They kissed right off the bat just like she did with her sister. I don’t know how dogs know, but they know. I was also so happy to meet Oscar’s mom because she has been an incredible support for me during the last 3 months. It’s all in the family. This is my favorite picture from today:

3. I have not now nor ever claimed to be a normal person, so let’s get that out of the way up front. But. Does anyone else save their favorite pajamas for days when they know they don’t have to rush out of PJs the next morning? I’m looking forward to a slow start tomorrow after the chaos of this morning and I was tickled pink to find my favorite pajamas were waiting for me. I am stoked to drink my coffee all curled up on the couch in the AM before a day full of nothin’, honey.

4. I went on a walk tonight and my sock kept sliding down in my shoe. I kept seeing people out and about and had to pretend like everything is ok when it clearly wasn’t. If that’s not a metaphor for COVID time, I don’t know what is.

5. I got an alert today from my NewsBreak that El Paso county is at risk of going back on a stay at home order. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I got really ridiculously concerned that there would be no red velvet cake from Target for my birthday if that happened. I only need/want one thing for my birthday. I want to eat cake and I want to not have to make that cake. I’m really tossing around the idea of going to get my most favorite cake of all time tomorrow from Target and putting it in the freezer until August 1. The line between crazy and genius is so damn thin these days.


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