distancing day 131 thoughts:

1. We went on a walk this morning with our friends from down the street. That’s like a lot of kids to take on a walk and not all of the Drews were amenable to the whole one foot in front of the other portion of the day’s activities. At one point, some poor unsuspecting woman stopped for us at a cross walk and didn’t realize we just kept on coming and coming across like out of a clown car or Michelle Duggar’s uterus. My gal pal referred to it as a Parade of Dysfunction. Indeed it were.

2. I tried to nap today with the little girls but Laurel just talks nonstop and does front rolls on the bed when she’s really tired and fighting a nap. I gave up when I got my 3rd or 4th heel strike to the face. I proclaimed there would be no nap but they’d have to go to bed early. It’s 630 and everyone (but Jack) has been in bed for 15 minutes already. Now if I could just get them to actually go to sleep so I can go to sleep.

3. Wee Winnie Winter needed a bath in a desperate kinda day today after her foray into the wild world of dog parks yesterday- partly because she had to wash off the filth of that little white dog and partly because she needed to wash off the filth of rolling her own little white body around in the dirt with reckless abandon. This was the most successful of our dog washing events. I just got right in the shower with her in my clothes and we cuddled while I rubbed her down. The last time I gave her a bath, I had claw marks from head to toe. I don’t think I have a single one today- halleluh!


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