distancing day 133 thoughts:

1. Boy, oh boy! I got to go to Trader Joe’s today and it was the best of times. I love Trader Joe’s so very much. My freezer is now super well stocked with meals for days when I don’t have energy/time to cook or, more likely, feel like cooking. Every other time I have gone to Trader Joe’s during coronatine I have had to wait in line, but not to-day. There weren’t very many people inside at all and I was just running up and down those aisles like I was grabbing up the high score items on Supermarket Sweep. I was literally throwing like a dozen Orange Chicken and Vegetable Fried Rice in my cart from 5 feet away when a lady said to her family “that must be good.” No mask can stifle me and my Southern roots from sticking my nose in to her business and I told her all of the merits of the orange chicken and how it will forever change her life. She got some and put in her kids’ tiny cart and I am just so smug knowing how good her dinner is gonna be the night she cooks it. She doesn’t know me and she could only see my unibrow, but no thanks needed. I already know, honey. I know.

2. I’m gonna be really honest, I don’t even want to finish writing because I was DOWN the TikTok rabbit hole today and writing this is keeping me from watching 8371756893 videos from people I don’t know. TikTok is just about the best thing to come out of coronatine. Most of the stuff I see is thirst trappy, but every now and then I run across something that is so funny that I laugh until I wheeze. Today was one of those days. I will share with you the genius of this video.

3. The girls rode their bikes while Winnie and I walk/ran today. First of all, Marian didn’t lay herself on the concrete like the Parade of Dysfunction day and I didn’t have to carry anybody’s bikes- so maybe the bikes and the walk/run is the ticket. I love to hike and walk. Running is not my jam, but my dog loves it. She was pulling me so hard today I think she thought she was doing a formal audition for the Iditarod. Either that or it was her impolite way to tell me that I’m slow. I know that it already, Winnie. I also wasn’t wearing a sports bra because I wasn’t planning on running. I didn’t knock myself out and I came home with both eyeballs, but I think I about killed the dog. She’s been asleep all afternoon. We went on another family walk later (Marian only sat on the ground once that time) and Winnie looked at me like pllllleeeeeaaassseee don’t make me move from this spot when I went to gather her. I let her stay home and sleep. I’d be tired too if I had to drag me anywhere.


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