distancing day 136 thoughts:

1. I finally found our dumbbells (they were in Jerry’s rucksack because of course they were) and it was time to do the Peloton app. I am trying to do 1 workout outside a day and 1 workout inside. I took my dumbbells outside and did my peloton app in the front yard so that everyone could enjoy the free show. There was sweating, grunting, swearing, and the occasional bleat. Covid times are low entertainment- I’ve heard some people have even finished all of Netflix- so, I’m just trying to do my part. When my 10# weights felt as if they were actually 90#s, I ran the numbers. I haven’t lifted weights in 5 months. 5! I’ve done well to keep up walks but it’s not surprising that a sudden gust of wind might pick up these arms and slap turn them in to wings. What? I know I don’t exactly have the body for flight, but bumble bees don’t either. So there.

2. One of the major perks of homeschooling is that I get to not drive back and forth across Colorado Springs 6x a day. Just when I thought the Chariot of Garbage was getting a break from burning up the roads, I started taking Winnie to daycare. I don’t consider myself a helicopter parent but I am so thankful that the kids’ schools do not have cameras in the classroom. Winnie was at school for 5 hours today and I must have watched her a solid 3 of those just to see if her tail was wagging and if she was having fun and minding her manners (and screenshots- OH the screenshots). The little white fluff ball of hump from the dog park either ended up at the daycare with her or all little white fluffy dogs are oversexed because Winnie got followed around and air humped at every opportunity today. I do think she had the time of her life minus that part. When we pulled up to drop her off this morning she about bust through the car door with excitement. She was thrilled! She didn’t want to leave either. The poor receptionist guy had to go and try to fetch her 3 or 4 times. She kept slipping out of his hands and trying to disappear into the crowd of pups. She’s gonna be so sad tomorrow when she realizes she’s stuck with stinky ole us.

3. There has been so much in fighting between the Drewlings lately. Tensions are high for everyone and it is exhausting. The two people who fight the most are… wait for it… Laurel and Jack. Is that a Sagittarius thing? It’s gotta be a Sagittarius thing. There was a big to do today over a lemon slice (YES, A LEMON SLICE) that involved pinching and arm twisting and yelling and crying and timeouts on the island. I have had to say “two wrongs don’t make a right” so many times I might as well get it tattooed on my forehead. The message isn’t permeating through to their thick ass limbic system and I decided to amend my original statement. New Drew futile statement: Two wrongs don’t make a right; but if you’re gonna do it anyway- an eye for an eye. In other words, if your younger sister pinches you, you don’t get to twist her arm like you’re expecting it to snap off and pop back on like Barbie’s. Little girl arms don’t do that.

4. I took all 4 kids into the commissary with me today to pick up some soft pretzels. We haven’t all been out together in 5 months, so I decided to let them go crazy with the snacks. If they asked for it, (and it wasn’t just straight up sugar and food dye) they got it. “Mommy, can I have this? YEP! Can we get this? Yes we can! I think this would be yummy! GET IT THEN!” It did us all some good to have some “normal” even if we were masked up. Or as normal as your mom telling you that you can have everything you want because you haven’t been to the grocery store in 5 months because of a global pandemic. You know. The usual.


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