distancing day 137 thoughts:

1. I’ve just decided that if I put this all out there that nothing will ever come of it and maybe I’ll look a little whackadooey, but I can live with that. Besides, it pretty much absorbed my entire day so there’s no since in writing about my whole day and not including it if we are doing this in the interest of posterity. We being the royal and you shall come along on my journey. Today I had my telemed appointment with my Dr and she ordered about 3975 vials of blood and a CT scan with contrast. She asked me to come in and do the bloodwork today and the CT scan is scheduled for tomorrow at 7am. I also have to do a 24 hour urine sample and 2 cheek swabs at midnight. A bunch of my labs had to be sent out but the ones that came back already mostly looked normal: A1C, prolactin, electrolytes/kidney/liver function all normal. We are waiting now on all the adrenal tests and whatever the other 575 vials of blood were. The doctor is very attentive and I appreciate her thoroughness. She explained all the different scenarios to me and “it’s nothing” is not one of them. If there are no other values askew or evidences of whatever on my CT scan, then she has enough cause to diagnose me with PCOS. That’s the best case scenario for the cause of my high DHEA number. I’ve sworn up and down I had PCOS for years but no OB would diagnose me because I didn’t have fertility issues despite the cysts on my ovaries, facial hair, and loss of hair on the top of my head. My endocrinologist said fertility issues are secondary to the other stuff and while they do go hand in hand, it’s not mutualism. The more you know. So tomorrow I get a CT Scan with contrast for the first time ever. It sounds like quite a nice time to take a nap. Word on the circuit is that contrast liquid can make you super duper tired. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I feel like it’s gonna be for me tomorrow. I love to rest. And I love to have permission to rest.

2. Did you know not everyone that’s had a baby has a front flap? I did not. I learned this week that c section people are more likely to have the flappity flap than the status quo birth types. Even when I was much skinnier, I still had it. I thought for sure it was because our stomach skin gets stretched all out. Nope. It’s because they cut me open like a thanksgiving turkey and then stuffed everything but the baby back in there 4 times. Raw deal. Raaaaw deal.


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