distancing day 138 thoughts:

1. CT scan is clear!!! Whatever is wrong with me will hopefully be revealed by the outstanding bloodwork and can be solved with hormone therapy. Once I lose 30 pounds and get this goatee under control, I’m gonna be a 37 year old woman with no facial hair and a healthy BMI- that’s what.

2. Winnie had puppy camp again today and the floofy white dog was there again and Hell bent on humping whatever body part of Winnie’s he could get his paws on. I watched her off and on all day and every time I logged on she was trying to fend off the pervy little asshole. Take a hint, Junior. Winnie is tall, but light and the doggie daycare rooms go by weight so little canine Anthony Weiner only comes up to Winnie’s knee cap. Lucky for her. Additionally, there was a French Bulldog who (while very cute) wouldn’t stop biting at her. A few times I saw Chewy (his actual name) and Congressman Weiner (made up name) were attacking the poor thing from the front and the back. She stood her ground and mommy was very proud, but there was a tensious gathering of the children to go pick her up when the Bert and Ernie tag team got to be too much.

3. After the CT scan, I super duper wanted coffee. A few days ago I saw a friend with a bucket of munchkins and I’ve known positively that I, too, needed a trough of munchkins. Munchkins and coffee can both be had at one place and it was on the way home! My munchkin trough thing really turned my day right around. I only ate 2 munchkins but just knowing that there was a whole tub of donuts mere inches from my person was enough to slap a smile on anyone’s face. Two thumbs way up.


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