distancing day 139 thoughts:

1. I am woman hear me roar and empowering lyrics about women. I spent from 730 this morning to 230 this afternoon all by my big girl self conquering the 89,000 pieces of my birthday present from my parents. Ta da!

This baby does EVERYTHING. Everything! I tell you. I have missed weight lifting so much, but my gym doesn’t have childcare right now and even if it did- I definitely wouldn’t go. I for real cried when my parents told me to order it. I felt so relieved that I could feel like me again. Furthermore, while I’ve got all this extra testosterone floating around, I might as well make the best of it and get shredded. If I’m gonna have a beard like Aquaman, by golly, I’m also going to have muscles like him too. It’s only fair and life is always fair- I read it on the internet once so it must be true.

2. Tomorrow is my birthday! Yippee skippee! 36 was a bit of a shitshow, I’m not gonna lie to ya. August-December I had some personal stuff going on that was not great. December and January were pretty cool. February had some highlights but March was stinky, horrible, no good, rotten even BEFORE life shut down for coronavirus. I don’t even know what happened in April and May and June (but one day I’ll be able to look back and read about it because my blog knows) and July has not been a peach with this health stuff. I’m looking forward to putting 36 behind me and having 37 to look forward to all kinds of adventures. 37 shall be the year of the quality family time or just family time -hold the quality- depending on the day. Sure, COVID will be around for who knows how long but that’s the Devil we know and we can give him a polite wave from 6 feet away and get on with our new normal. We were supposed to be leaving on Tuesday for our 2 weeks in Europe before all this happened. I’m choosing to be thankful that I am not trying to pack and organize 6 people to go on a 2 week vacation with a baggage limit today. My stress level would be higher than the current Christmas tree of dirty laundry right now. Instead, we are going canoeing tomorrow in a nearby lake. That takes a little prep but nothing an early morning wake up (BONUS: coffee drinking alone) can’t fix.

3. I went out for a couple hours tonight to get supplies for tomorrow and while I was gone, my precious kids under the tutelage of my baby daddy tidied up and cleaned the house because they know it makes me feel more peaceful. I always thought they were the best, but know I know it for certain. I now also know that they are fully capable of cleaning the house top to bottom despite what their usual halfassery implies. Huzzah! An elephant and moms never forget.


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