distancing day 142 thoughts:

1. Last night in my half asleep stupor, I yeeted a downstairs rocking horse that clippity clopped it’s way upstairs to beside my bed at the hands of one of my kids who clearly does not value all of my digits in the same way I do. I kicked Mr. Ed so hard he was seeing stars in another dimension and he took my middle toe with him. Ouch. I did not yelp or blanket my entire home with 4 letter words and sputum, soooo I will be waiting for my trophy. I can wait if you’re still needing to get it engraved or whatever.

2. I don’t know what it is about the last couple Mondays, but my kids have like zero interest in being around me. I’m trying to not get too accustomed to the Momcation Mondays because as soon as I do they’ll be trying to figure out what kinda glue will permanently attach them to my legs. I took full advantage of my Momcation Monday today and by full advantage I mean I got lots of housework done. I took the weekend off from house drudgery and from the looks of things, I took the last 6 months off from laundry drudgery. I caught up on alla that today.

3. I did my first workout on my new equipment today! It was fantastic, but I’m weak as shit and may not be able to lift my coffee cup to my mouth in the morning. Decaffinated Meagan is not a Meagan we want roaming the streets. Tomorrow is legs and I can’t wait. I love to do leg workouts because it always made me feel strong. The burn you get from lifting weights is amazing-not to mention that the stronger muscles make my knee more stable and hurt less. It’s a good day to be a 37 year old lady who doesn’t need a full knee replacement. I often times wonder what my life trajectory would have looked like if I’d learned to lift in college instead of as a mom of 4. Weight lifting is part of my identity as an adult. Would I have found myself sooner if someone had taken the time to show me how? Would I have taken the time to learn? Makes you wonder.

4. Went on a walk tonight and got rained on pretty profusely. There was also some wet air flying off nearby sprinklers because we obviously need to worry about the grass when we are in a drought and it’s raining. Anyway, there was a lovely rainbow above my house and I lined it up so my silly little leprechaun Marian’s room is at the end of the rainbow.


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