distancing day 146 thoughts:

1. Today was not my favorite day and then I just got a NewsBreak notification that mobile Whataburger is coming to Colorado Springs. I don’t know what mobile Whataburger is and I don’t care what it is but I will be in line in a beekeeper suit made of self-sterilizing silicon to get a Whataburger with cheese. They can throw those burgers out the window like it’s a Mardi Gras parade and I will tackle every man, woman, and child in my path. I do not miss much about the South (my heart is a Midwesterner) but Whataburger is missed.

2. Every now and again I am cruising along in Covid times and then a day hits me when I realize how much I want to do and can’t do. It makes for a super bummer of a day. I mean, we have been in this house for 5 months and I really don’t blame these kids for being at each other’s throats. I get to leave the house sometimes and I still get people’d out in this house prison. Today was super hot and in a normal summer day I would have taken them to the pool and packed right in there like sardines with kids peeing and people shooting snot rockets and folks who are using the pool as their bath for week without one care. Now, I have to have a reservation weeks in advance and it’s not even worth it to schlep my gaggle of children 30 min to the pool and 30 min back for a one or two hour time slot. The p is waaaaaaay tinier than the V. That goes for anything though. In summers past, we would get a wild hair and go rock climbing, to the jump/jump place, roller skating, local farms, etc, but I don’t know how to safely do that with 4 kids anymore and it sucks. It. sucks. The kids have been fighting so much more this summer because there’s nothing to break up the days/weeks. There’s nothing to look forward to either really. We were supposed to be in Ireland right now rolling down big green hills and testing my EU allergies, but COVID pee peed directly in to that bowl of Lucky Charms. Do people have it worse? Yes. Am I being a bit of a brat? Also yes. Today I just needed to throw a teeny tiny pity party and back to status quo tomorrow.

3. Jerry was supposed to have staff duty tomorrow (24 hours of sitting at a desk) and I was in my feelings about that too since it was super last minute warning. In a twist of fate, a guy came in and asked if he could sit staff duty tomorrow. Apparently the guy is in a class and has a bajillion hours of homework and Natural Family Planning didn’t work out so well for him and his wife. He needed a quiet place to do work and maybe a legitimate excuse to not be at home. Stupid Army details are just the thing for that. I have never ever heard of such a thing as someone ASKING to sit duty, but whatever gods and suns and chakras aligned for that can expect to be fed all the grapes in the afterlife. So instead of being a one man NOTtraveling circus this weekend, we are gonna have a low key one and just sorta relax and reset. We need a good old fashioned barn raising level cleaning and all hands should really be on deck. We also just need to cuddle. As much time as we’ve been home, we haven’t made much time for cuddling and cuddling these little cutie patooties is important too.


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