distancing day 148 thoughts:

You ever hear the phrase “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” Well, if I did that today this blog would be over, so please forgive me for my indiscretions.

1. Today started out with a very fun hike with some fun gals. About half way in to our hike, Jerry called and casually asked if Clara’s tetanus shot was up to date. Excuse me? Yes it is, but nope. Don’t like that line of questioning. Don’t like that at all. I left my hike to come home and take her to the urgent care. Her shots were up to date but she needs to be on antibiotics for 5 days because of a rusty nail on piece of plywood (that I thought came off of a toy, but appears to come from our government- lowest bidder built roof). I am very thankful for our government insurance but I’d be much happier not to use it because of government housing. I’d also like to have not had to replace 8 tires in the last 3 years because of roofing issues.

2. Our school situation has changed a smidge because of the decisions made by the district. I promised myself I would tell the school what we were doing by Monday and then I realized we have zero, zilch, not one single sheet of paper in which to print out the withdrawal form that was already making me sick to my stomach to think about. We aren’t enrolling in full time school and, so, someone else deserves the spots our cold asses are taking up. And I hate it. I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it. I hate it. We move so frequently and my biggest fret every time we move is finding the right place for the kids. We find it and then a global pandemic comes and, frankly, fucks everything all up. And, it’s just the worst. I’m exhausted and we haven’t started homeschooling yet. I know I’m not as exhausted as those teachers though, so how could I possibly give them more work?

3. I want to buy an RV- like tomorrow. I need a trailer because I need to have trips to look forward to. I need new scenery. I need new walls.


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