distancing day 149 thoughts:

1. The kids and I skeedaddled over to Dollar Tree this morning and made it rain Washingtons. I don’t even know what all it is that we got, but I can think of few better places to go to shop when you just want to be not at your house. I got a dollar (item), I got a dollar (item), I got a dollar (item), hey! hey! hey! hey! Side note: I asked the kids who was on the $1 bill and Jack responded “George Washington and the Illuminati” There ya have it, folks.

2. About a year and a half into living here, I looked at the windows and realized I hadn’t bothered to hang curtains. At that point we were over the halfway point and it just wasn’t worth the effort. This house isn’t like our drafty Kansas house. Window coverings have little function beyond looks. When I envisioned our homeschool space I imagined curtains, but didn’t get around to it until today. I kinda want to throw all my old curtains in the Goodwill pile and go buy a billion curtains like the ones I got today. I loooooove the way it turned out. Also, that room has awful acoustics- we are talking wearing ear plugs during dinner bad- and the curtains took the edge off. Another win in the curtain category. They’re pretty cute if I do say so myself. The navy blue color doesn’t really match anything in that room, but the family aesthetic is “shit Meagan likes” and I learned long ago that if nothing matches, everything matches. Smaht.

3. I went in search of RVs today. We are gonna be super duper limited. We have to have something that’s about 4000lbs gross weight, sleeps 6 (maybe 5 cause two are still short), and I’d like to keep it under 15k. It’s not looking good. I’m so happy to have something to look forward to right now that even shopping around for an RV will fit the bill. My counselor tells me all the time that having something to look forward to is what helps us to maintain buoyancy. These COVID waters are choppy AF and these new fat stores aren’t helping me float. I just want to go visit Mississippi and Pennsylvania. I miss my family.


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