distancing day 153 thoughts:

1. My poor, sweet, precious husband should really get hazard pay for having to be married to me. I can’t ever remember what I’ve told him and what I haven’t so sometimes I am waaaay out in left field and he’s left horrified. Today’s certifiable offense went a little something like this:

Jerry: [doing nothing and minding his business]

Me: I really hope when I go to the Dr in September that I can tell them just to scoop it all out like its a pumpkin.

Jerry: !!! ?????? !!!!! … ?!?!? [But, like, with his face]

I guess I forgot to tell the most important person it’s PCOS and that I have an appointment with the OB. Bless his heart. Meagan fail.

2. I spent all day looking up diabetes diet recipes because the receptionist at the nutritionist/dietician I called told me that it’s better to eat like I have diabetes 80% of the time and still be able to have yumyums than get diabetes and not be able to have yumyums anymore. You see, HALF of people with PCOS get diabetes. Also, yumyums was her words, not mine. I think yumyums is candy and cake and sugar and spice and everything nice. I did not clarify. I should have.

3. Here’s a picture of Winnie Winter the wonky eyed lemon pouting because I wouldn’t let her play outside when the smoke was really bad from the nearby fires just for funsies.


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