distancing day 154 thoughts:

Is it 154? It might be 153. It might be 155 or 2074… it feels like forever at this point ans 154 just seems rude.

1. I started the day going to Mardel to check out curriculum. I kinda bought Saxon math on a whim before just in case things didn’t work out to partially virtual school. Things did not work out to partially virtual school and I found a math curriculum I like waaaaaaay better. Math was the thing that had me stressed out. I found a book that made my heart pitter patter. Sold. Mardel was really nice about the exchange. I was able to switch out everyone’s books and buy a game and get new face masks for everyone AND get some new expo pens with my exchange money. Saxon is ‘a spensive.

2. Tonight we went to Flying W Ranch for a social distance Chuck Wagon Supper. The Flying W Ranch was one of our very favorite places in Colorado when we lived here before. The year I moved home because Jerry deployed it burned down. Jack and Clara were 2 and 1, respectively, and Marian and Laurel weren’t even people yet. They *just* reopened July 10th. Their capacity is 2300 but they had 2 groups of 175 that they further broke up into groups. It was definitely fun but the whole thing was kinda sad. It used to be just this little awesome Colorado niche thing tucked into the woods. Now, it’s a sorta wide open ranges feel. I am so thankful that they rebuilt. It’s such a special piece of Colorado Springs. Also, their food is freaking yummy.


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