distancing day 157 thoughts:

1. Why can’t all sheet makers put the little doodad tag that tells you which way is top/bottom? This is 2020 for Pete’s sake. Furthermore, THIS IS 2020 FOR PETE’S SAKE and with EVERYTHING else, it really is the very least the universe could do to make putting a fitted sheet on the bed easy.

2. On Tuesdays my allergies go haywire because that’s the day that the grounds crew mows and weedwhacks and generally kicks up all the allergens. I should know that by now and not go sit outside and ask for an allergen bath, but I am stupid and I don’t know what day it is anymore. I’m in bed at 630 because my head hurts too much to continue to function. It also hurts to brain but I’m going to brain for my blog for just a while longer.

3. My name is Meagan. I am 37 years old and I am reading a Judy Blume book. And, no, not with my kids. On Saturday, my friend told me about a Judy Blume rated R book and I didn’t believe her and looked for myself. I got the preview for the first 4 chapters and was hooked. Carefree, childless, responsibility-less Meagan from the 90s gets to hang on a little longer. Except no person under the age of 16 has any business reading this Judy Blume. This is NOT Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing. This is more Tales of a Senior Year Something book. The FCC needs to give up on movies and TV and concentrate their efforts on rolling through every library in America with citation pad for anyone who has Forever by Judy Blume in their kids/teen section. Parents, listen to me! Do not buy this for your children until they’re at least driving. Not all Judy Blume are created equal.


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