distancing day 158 thoughts:

1. I walked 15.5k steps INSIDE MY HOUSE today. Yes. 15 THOUSAND. 15,588 steps to be precise. That’s how many steps I walked every day that we were at Disneyworld in 2018. At least then I was getting to rides and meet characters and stuff. Today was just basic keep 4 kids alive maintenance. For the record, I have never actually heard anyone say that stay at home moms don’t do anything, but I’ve heard people complain about people telling them that stay at home moms don’t do anything. Going on the assumption that somebody somewhere said that to some stay at home mom, I am here to tell you that I WALKED 7 MILES TODAY AND I DID NOT LEAVE MY HOUSE. I sat down exactly 2 times today and 1 time was for an interview and 1 time was to train my dog. If there are stay at home parents out there eating bonbons and watching TV all day – you are required by the SAHM mom code of justice to reveal your secrets of how.

2. Eating a low carb PCOS diet is depressing. Being a chubby bunny is also depressing. If the low carb PCOS diet helps me not be a chubby bunny then I guess I will acquire a taste for less carbs. In order to stay under 30g carbs per meal, I have to eat impossibly small portions. Like- I can have yogurt or an apple but I can have a teaspoon of yogurt and lick an apple. I can merely sniff a piece of bread. I remember quite well how to count macros from my svelte days, so that part isn’t the problem. Getting creative with things I want to eat and finding portions that are allowable is where things get hairy- absolutely no pun intended because I’m trying to get rid of chin hair. Thanks PCOS.

3. Winnie Winter is simultaneously the best dog in all the land and the absolute wooooorst. Her resource guarding is so unpredictable and it’s really grinding my gears. Tonight, she got mad over my car keys that she swiped from the counter. Gina, you don’t even know how to drive. When she stands back on her haunches she’s taller than Laurel now. She’s growing by the hour and I’m not feeling the resource guarding melee that we get to have 2 or 3 times a day. I’m so thankful that I’m already working with a behaviorist because I know we will figure this out. It’s near about my only complaint about her these days… which is a miracle considering her tricycle is a little rusty. She is settling into the family nicely finally.


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