distancing day 159 thoughts:

1. On days when I say “OMG! It’s only 2pm” it’s not going great. Today I said, “OMG! It’s only 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm” and then I ordered dinner because I was not extending my day out by cooking and cleaning any further than I had to. I have had a headache for like 4 straight days because ragweed is what the devil wipes his butt with and should be banished from the earth. The left side of my nose is also a faucet and Laurel asked me on 3 separate occasions if I was opening something when I sneezed because it sounded like a ziplock bag. Bet that’s not a sentence you’d thought you’d ever read.

2. My kids played outside in the water slide all day long today. I don’t know how they’re not falling asleep standing up. I am exhausted and all I did was watch them. Between the giant trampoline, the small trampoline, the water slide, and all the various other toys: my backyard is a carnival (albeit a muddy one) and I thankful for it. The only thing that has me on the struggle bus is just the amount of screaming. If I had any cortisol, it would be spiking all day, e’reday.

3. Marian gives the best foot rubs and back scratches. Idk what it is about her little fairy fingers but the girl’s got the Midas touch. It’s been so long since I’ve had a pedicure or a massage or a facial, I’m constantly asking her to rub my feet. Isn’t there some long-standing quid pro quo that says I’m entitled to back rubs for life if I made those fingers from scratch in my not so easy bake oven?

4. I finished one Judy Blume book and am on to the next. The 90s were a great time and my book and I are circling back for a victory lap.


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