distancing day 160 thoughts:

1. My kids gave me the old frazzle dazzle fresh out the gate this morning. Laurel wanted to earn some pokeys and so I sat down to help her. Meanwhile, in the den the world was burning. So much noise, so many people asking me questions at once, so much fighting. I was also trying to do my work and that was a perfect combination for NOPE. I made everyone take a walk shortly after I had almost reached my breaking point – to try and walk or sunshine some of the crazy out of them. It mostly worked. A recess walk will be instituted daily – especially when everyone is nuts. I have decided that day 1 I’m making my kids write a social contract and we are all gonna sign it. They are going to author it but I am going to lead allllll those horses to water on waiting your turn. Patience may be the number 1 thing we strive to learn this year.

2. We ran and got everyone new tennis shoes today (for homeschool?) before picking up groceries at 2 different places. I realized when I ordered groceries that I forgot one thing, so we also ran into a 3rd grocery store. I thought my day was going alright once I get everyone moving, but I must have looked Frazzled with a capital F. The gentleman in front of me in line INSISTED that we check out in front of him. I mean like he INSISTED. I accepted and thanked him, but not 2 seconds later I sighed heavily and realized I’d been doing that every time one of the kids asked me a question and there were like a thousand million of those. #momfail

3. In order to be successful this year I need 3 things: sun, exercise, and quiet time. 2/3 of those things can be accomplished at the same time. Quiet time will just HAVE to be early mornings no matter how poorly I slept. I also attempted to weight lift while the kids were awake and the MOOOOOM, MAAA, MOMMYYY shouting, I kept losing track of reps and sets. That will also have to be done in the mornings or during afternoon quiet time. I’m going for mornings though because the first couple weeks I’m probably gonna need a nap during quiet time. As for the sun, as long as my city cooperates- I will be sure to get outside for at least some of the day. I feel like a houseplant, but, sis, I NEED sun.


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