distancing day 162 thoughts:

1. R.E.M. wrote Losing my Religion about bedtime. Parents are done done done and the kids are wild n out. The combination is not great.

2. Today was only errands. I just ran errands all day trying to get situated for the week. I would say “get myself together” but I don’t think I ever have myself together. I do have food and a lot of it is prepared for the week. My house looks like level 5 Jumanji but it always does on Sundays, so whatever.

3. The Drew School starts on Thursday. The kids actually wanted to start tomorrow but NO. We don’t have 5 day full week stamina at this point. I didn’t pay attention very closely to when Labor Day is though so next week is going to be a full week and we all might die of exhaustion. My homeschool bar is LOW and I mean LOOOOWWWW. All I want is for everyone to make it through the day without googling emancipation. Tears are even ok. We just need to make it out alive.

4. this:


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