distancing day 163 thoughts:

1. I am woman hear me roar and other colloquialism that hype women up. I did it alllll today. Ain’t nobody as productive as a mom that’s house has every damn thing pulled out so it can be on a display like the junkiest bullshit museum of all time. I got the house clean, I did 2 45 minute workouts, I drank my gallon of water, I did 4 hours of work, I did laundry, AND I prepped for starting school tomorrow. Yes, you heard me. We are starting The Drew School tomorrow. All the neighborhood kids have gone back to school and boredom from the everlasting gobstopper of summers has set in. 75% of the Drewlings asked to start school tomorrow and majority rules.

2. My expectations for this week of school just walked down to the basement and then discovered a storm bunker and went there and then found a secret door where there was a nuclear fall out shelter full of canned food items that taste like tin and filmy water. That’s where my expectations for this week shall live. Here’s what is planned for tomorrow:

730-750 Breakfast together while listening to the news. That sounds real sweet, but I’m doing it because if I don’t force my kids to sit down and eat, they will not eat anything and then they will decide that their stomach has already eaten itself and is coming for their brains and eyeballs just as soon as we sit down to work.

750-8 Clean up breakfast and get ready for a walk

8-820 Walk to get our wiggles

820-830 Discuss our daily checklist

Hour-ish? Create/ Decorate/ Sign Social Contract. Their school here did this and I absolutely loved the idea of the kids chipping in straight away on a way of doing business. They’ve never had to be full-time students at home and I’ve never had to be a full-time teacher before. Everyone needs to buy-in on how we are going to conduct ourselves and how school will run. I was expecting to do this on Thursday, so I’ll be frantically pinteresting how to lead this conversation tonight.

20 min-ish? Field trip pick. I have a list of field trips I already know we will take this year. I’m letting the big kids pick 2 and the little girls pick one that is “their field trip.” I am going to help them send emails and make phone calls to coordinate the trip, budget for them, help me plan what time we need to be there and what time we need to leave, and any other little thing that comes up as a piece of that particular field trip. Part of what I’m excited about with homeschooling is that I can help these little humans learn how to be big humans that don’t expect me to make their doctor’s appointments for them until they’re 35.

Maybe a recess? Maybe a snack? Depends on the level of squirrely and hanger.

UTC- Language Arts. I really want to see how long this takes us to complete, so math is off the table tomorrow. I want to make sure we have time to not overwhelm them and that I can plan properly going forward. Wednesday we will probably skip Language Arts and just do math for the same reason.

I have typing and Spanish all queued up and ready to execute if we blast through everything and our first day of school lasts as long as an episode of Phineas and Ferb. I’m aiming for between a Spartacus and a Gone with the Wind run time for day one book learnin’ at the house.

There will be hiccups. Week 1 that was going to be 2 days turned into 4 and that’s ok. It just gives us more room to grow.

3. Tomorrow I have a very short list of things I need/want to do outside of school, but they all take time. If I get through school and all my other Meagan duties and all my other mom duties, it will be a miracle or a gift from the Karma fairy.

Also, look at my Winnie mask!!!

I know my boob looks like a forearm in that picture. There are just some things that can’t be helped without a scalpel and the fountain of youth… just let it go.


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