distancing day 164 thoughts:

First day of homeschool ever.

Was it transcendent? No. Was it ok? Maybe even good? Yes. I didn’t have high expectations and we got everything done in the amount of time I set out. It wasn’t exactly pretty but we did it! Tomorrow I am tackling math and that’s got me a little nervous because all 3 big kids need backup and actual teaching. How I divide up time among the kids is going to be my most difficult challenge. I’m almost positive. I am also going to have a bruise on my arm for sure from my kids “tapping” me repeatedly to get my attention when I was working with someone else.

I made Laurel and Marian take a nap today and the big kids rest because braining is exhausting. I ended up falling asleep with the little girls and I slept like a rock. I think it was the best sleep I have had in 6 months since this whole mess started. I could relax for the first time in ages because I knew for sure that we could do it. I mean, I always figured we could do it… after we actual did it, I knew for sure. Even though I took a hard, long nap today, I am still really tired and ready for sleep tonight.

Here are some pictures from our first day:

I am really too tired to write more today but I estimate I will make a cumulative first week post on Friday… or Saturday… or Sunday if it takes me that long to recover.


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