distancing day 165 thoughts:

1. Ok. Today was pretty great. Homeschool day 2 was social studies, math, typing, Spanish, and a little language arts. Today I would like to shout from the rooftops that my kids are awesome. Sadly, I do not have good balance anymore, it’s windy, and I don’t know how to get on my roof. The internet and all caps can be like shouting so MY KIDS ARE AWESSSSOOOMMMEEEE!!! Do I think that every day will be like today? I do not. BUT. Today was a good day and I choose to celebrate that!

2. I took another nap because on our morning brain walk Laurel hulked out a threw her scooter down the sidewalk like the little over tired bunny she is. I don’t think she was awake for .6 seconds once I got her into bed. Marian did big braining this morning and she flopped herself down on the couch and promptly dozed off. She needed a nap too, so I hauled her upstairs right after I’d done leg day and we collectively all napped. So far- 2 days in- we school all morning, nap all afternoon. I cook, I clean, I teach, I workout, I nap. It’s not a bad gig- at least that’s how I feel tonight.

3. Tomorrow is Thursday and the day we were originally going to start school. I guess we will do every subject tomorrow full tilt. There are some subjects that I already know will require more help than others. I am seeing the writing on the wall that we will have to have kids working on different subjects at different times but that’s ok. I really really really enjoy seeing their lightbulbs. Like, a lot. I also enjoy working with them one-on-one and doting on their hard work.

4. Happy National Dog day to our very own lemon. We love Winnie Winter’s big dumb backside almost as much as she loves whipped cream.


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