distancing day 166 thoughts:

1. We are in the stages of trail and error with our homeschool journey and some of today was all the error part. Marian needs lots of supervision/teaching and Clara needs support. Jack needs some teaching and Laurel needs whatever everyone else needs, but louder. I’ve been trying to school everyone at the same time and I just straight up don’t think that plan is gonna work. I’d rather have 6 long hours of less stress than 4 of everyone feeling ignored. I have a plan to try tomorrow and see if it works. If it doesn’t, back to the old drawing board. I do think yesterday was as successful as it was because I had the big 2 playing a game while I worked with Marian on math. They were engaged in something and Marian felt like I was focused on her. I am gonna give that a whirl again and see how I’m feeling. I might just end up having impossibly long brain and soul sucking days, but I didn’t decide to homeschool my kids because it’s easier on me.

2. We did not sleep well last night so I didn’t get up at 5 to do my work and prep my day like usual. Can you say “like usual” if you’ve only done something twice? I did get up at 5 when the kids were in school/school so I could prep for the day then, but it had a different meaning. Anyway, trying to do my work and focus on getting ready for the day while the kids are running around like banshees and whining to go outside to play is a big sack of no freaking bueno. See? I’m learning Spanish too. By the time we got to the table to learn, I was already halfway through my patience for the day and ready to beg their school to take them back. Tomorrow I have got to get up at 5 and drink my coffee and do my work in peace. If I’m really lucky, maybe some kiddos will trickle down in onsies and we knock out some of their work one on one.

3. Because I slept poorly last night and was up for a few hours in the middle, I took a nap today on the little loveseat in the front room. The kids watched Alice in Wonderland in the family room except for Laurel who kept sliding change down the crack between the pillow my head was on and the couch. She also laid change all over me while I slept. I must have been exhausted because I didn’t notice at all. When I woke up, she was standing next to me with a bunch of quarters and nickels on a book and she bowed to me and proudly said “I gave you some money.” Weird shit, man. I was just out of it enough I had no idea what was going on… until I stood up. Change came flying off of my clothes onto the floor like I was a stripper and the Five and Dime.

TGIF is a thing for me now and I will feel TGIF in my bones tomorrow when I wake up!


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